June 26, 2022

Great Reasons to Love a Trans Escort

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There are so many reasons to love Trans Escorts but we thought we would start with the main ones that lots of men agree with. You can find the best Trans Escorts, SheMale Escorts and Transvestite Escorts on https://shemale-kontakte.de/ where you will see the best and most exotic trans escorts available for any horny man.

Hot Trans Escorts

Whatever it is that makes them so exciting, every man has his own valid reasons for loving these steamy, sexy escorts.

  1. Beautiful Breasts of Trans Escorts

Trans Escorts have truly beautiful breasts, soft full and often large, these T-Girls can choose the size of their breasts and often choose to have them on the larger size, to complement their taller stature and to balance nicely against their still there penis. For many it is the beautiful feminine breasts of a trans escort that is the most exciting part of their beautiful bodies.

  1. Long Hair & Trans Escorts

Another reason many men love a Trans Escorts is that they have beautiful long sexy hair. For many pre-op T-Girls this hair is real, long and luscious. For transvestite escorts, they may have the most amazing long-haired wigs which can be worn in any colour you choose. Long, sexy hair is one of the many reasons men love a beautiful T-Girl. They love the way it falls across her large breasts, or down to her curvy ass, or can be used to hold on to when fucking from behind.

  1. Long Legs & Trans Escorts

For some men, it is most definitely the legs, the legs that go on and on and on. Long, leggy, sexy and smooth. Trans Escorts are often taller than average for women bit have the advantage of having smooth, sexy hairless toned legs that feel amazing wrapped around your body. With long legs many sex positions with a Trans Escort are easier and very comfortable. Legs, of course can also be covered with sexy tights, stockings, boots, and made even longer with sexy high heeled shoes, so for those who love a bit of leg, or enjoy the look of sexy shoes then you will be in heaven with the beautiful Trans Escorts.

  1. The Soft Skin of Trans Escorts

Many men who spend time with SheMale Escorts do so because the love the feel of their soft skin against their own. Soft faces, soft lips, soft hands and soft smooth legs make spending time with a trans escort feel luxurious and this combined with their soft breasts and hard cock make it one of the most amazing sexual experiences you will ever encounter.

  1. Lovely Hard Penis of a SheMale Escort

A sexy woman with a cock has always been the slightly naughty appeal of a SheMale Escort. Because these women know how to make a penis feel really, really good, and also have beautiful smooth womanly bodies they make the perfect escort for the most exciting and explosive of sexual experiences.