What to Know Before Hiring a Bahamas Escort

The Bahamas are an exceptional sex tourism destination and are widely known for their exclusive escort services. From fun nights out with friends or romantic retreats, to luxury escort services – whatever you’re in search of the Bahamas has something to offer everyone! Before booking an escort it’s essential that you understand its laws; typically however the country is safe enough but do take precaution when selecting an Bahamas escort service provider.

Finding an escort in The Bahamas may seem easy enough, but to ensure quality service and maximum safety it’s wiser to approach an agency licensed and insured by the government. Furthermore, agencies are likely to employ call girls that have received professional training on sexual health and safety if interested.

Prostitution is legal in the Bahamas and sex tourism isn’t seen as a serious problem. The country ranks highly among other international destinations for sex tourism and has many brothels and massage parlors run by foreigners, often located along Dowdeswell Street – known for being a red-light district that draws hooker activity – including in Nassau. Although Dowdeswell Street may seem safe enough, visitors should avoid bringing children there as this area can be potentially hazardous to visit.

As it’s illegal to hire foreign sex workers for private sexual encounters, it’s wise to check with the government first when hiring an escort. Furthermore, using credit cards helps avoid scams and protects your funds; for more information regarding prostitution in the Bahamas contact police directly.

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